How will I help you?

Is this a real diamond? How much is my diamond worth?

With my equipment I will be able to identify the vast majority of gemstones. If my identification is not 100% certain, I will not certify the stone; this does sometimes happen.

With regards to jewelry, I can determine retail value and insurance value.

Please understand, I cannot measure sentimental value!

Identification is based in scientific parameters but evaluation is always subjective.

Businesses and private individuals


Buyers, sellers, antique dealers, pawn brokers

Gold, silver and bronze smiths

Collaborations and services

 I will be more than happy to talk about and demonstrate the use of my equipment for an interested audience. If you require a talk or a series of lectures on the subject, please do get in touch!

I will be happy to travel, whether you’re near or far. I will also take on work promoting sales as an industry expert at tradeshows or other events, whatever you as my client require!

  • Second Degree Educational Institutions
  • Third Degree Educational Institutions
  • Colleges
  • Businesses involving jewelry and gemstones

If you are considering sellling your jewelry and wish to fetch the best possible price, I will take on commissions. This will involve a separate contract and I will look after everything from photography to delivery for an agreed commission. The piece of jewelry will be sold at an international auction.

I enjoy working for individuals as well as businesses. If you have an upcoming project you’d like me to help with, please feel free to reach out with your suggestions. 


  • Gem Microscope Euromex
    • Magnification 6,7 – 45x/13,4 – 90x
    • Gliding zoom
    • Trinocular
  • refractometer
  • 100W optic light
  • Polariscope and a conoscope, Chelsea Filter, dichroscope, sperctoscope and carat scales
  • Microscope camera with 120x magnification