How can I help you?

  • Do you own jewelry and are curious about the value of it, or perhaps there are stones present you do not recognise?
  • Do you need your jewelry evaluated; perhaps for insurance purposes?
  • Does your school need a speaker or a lecturer on the topic of gemstones?
  • Would you like to learn how to use the equipment used to identify gemstones and minerals?
  • Are you looking for somewhere to sell your jewelry?
  • Do you own a business who occasionally or regularly requires the services of a qualified gemmologist?
  • Does your business require expert help in driving sales or promoting your expertise in the field of gemstones and jewelry?
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How do you identify a gemstone and how is it done?

  • The stone is inspected by eye and with a loupe. The raw crystals can often be used to identify the crystal sequence which is a good indication of identity
  • The optical features are also inspected:
    • refraction of light
    • luminescense
    • pleochroism
    • luster
    • surface attributes and reflective properties
    • dispersion
  • The inclusions are also inspected, are they specific to any specific mineral
  • Has the stone undergone any procedures?
  • Is the stone synthetic or natural?
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