Introduction – Riina-Kaisa

Welcome to my website!

You were directed here by a keyword associated with gemstones or jewelry. Thank you for visiting, I do hope I can be of help.

My name is Riina-Kaisa, and I have completed a Diploma in Gemmology (D.G.Fin).

Someone with a diploma in Gemmology can be described as “an expert in gemstones” and a part of our remit is, among other things identifying gemstones, classifying and inspection, providing a certificate of authenticity and price estimates.

I received my diploma after completing a two year course with Suomen Gemmologinen Seura ry. (Gemmological Association of Finland).

The studies are completed in accordance to FGA requirements and the diploma received is internationally recognised.

In addition to this diploma I also have a title from the Gemological Institute of America from their AJP (Applied Jewelry Program) as well as a CPAA (Cultured Pearl Association of America) title of a Certified Pearl Specialist. My portable lab travels with me inside my briefcase.


Gemmology, or the study of gemstones is part geology, part mineralogy and part crystallography.

It is an interdisciplinary field due to the aesthetics, history and beliefs associated with gemstones.

Many of us have played board or video games where your aim is to collect gemstones, admired the crown jewels or even heard the classic tune “Diamond’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend. 

Jalosijoitus oy Rubelliitti jalokivi

Some of us believe in the healing power of precious stones. Gemstones, those beautifully sparkling minerals and types of stone are a part of our everyday lives; diamond drill bits and sanding pads as well as tough, scratch resistant watch faces in the form of synthetic corundum.

Gemmology is the study of the optical and physical properties of stones and minerals as well as their beauty and rarity. In addition to geology, physics and chemistry feature strongly in gemmology as each mineral has its own unique specific weight, luster and refractive index.

A mineral is classed as a solid element or a compound with a specific composition and crystal structure.

How did I become a gemmologist?

My own interest in gemstones was sparked by my partner’s proposal in the heat of Asia. The story is cute, but I will not delve into it further here.

After witnessing my enthusiasm for the subject upon my return to Finland, A jeweler acquaintance of mine suggested I look into beginning studies for a gemmologist diploma; something I hadn’t heard of before then. After a brief consideration, I decided this was something I wanted to and could do even when it meant travelling from my home in Joensuu in eastern Finland to the school in Espoo nearly 450km away while working in eastern Finland in between!

I now have my diploma and do not regret my decision! This has been a fantastic journey and I believe this will enrich my life in so many ways. Currently I am steadily growing my own collection of gemstones, inspecting and photographing jewels for my own purposes and I have also enrolled in a course for diamond classification.